Greetings friends!

You may have noticed an unfortunate gap in the output of material on my Youtube Channel . While my family and I were travelling to Calgary early this month, my Mac Book Pro up and died on me. The motherboard and video card have ceased to cooperate with one another, and the fine folks at the Apple Store Genius Bar in Calgary were unable to revive her, despite their best efforts.

BUT, there is good news as well! A new iMac is on its way, and balance will be restored to the studio!  I still hope to put out 2-3 videos this month, and then get back on schedule for April.  I'll be setting things up over the coming weekend, and perhaps even have some new live footage to edit. Stay tuned!

I've got 5 or 6 tunes in the memory bank to release as lessons on the Seagull Merlin (and the new Mac means I'll finally be able to edit synchronised Multi-Cam material) and a pile of songs from my live set that I'm looking forward to recording in the coming weeks.  With the support of my Patrons, I hope to add a new camera to the gear line-up before the end of this year, and significantly expand the quality and quantity of material I can shoot.

Thank you for your support, and I'll be seeing you again soon!