Mindful Movements Monday! (The Human Experience)
Hey family! Hope that you are having a #Hey family! Hope that you are having a Make Mindful Movements Monday!

The Spiritual Weatherman reports: TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!! And it always will be!!! Some food for thought:

"If you are in a position where you can reach people, then use your platform to stand up for a cause. HINT: social media is a platform." (Germany Kent)

We would like to take a moment, to thank everyone who has made the personal choice, to help us build The Spiritual Weather Report. It does not belong to anyone in particular, for it was created to bring people together, spread good vibes and positive perspective.

We are all The Spiritual Weatherman, Weatherwoman and Weather Report. We encourage everyone to share their experience, insight and ideas about our daily inspiration. We are not the last stop nor do we have all of the answers. We are learning as we go and continue to move towards living in the light. Although we do follow a specific format, we do our best to keep each post in the day, instead of writing them the night before to "save time".

We are very happy with how this message has grown from a text message, from a flip phone, to the many platforms we are able to share it with everyone today. We will continue to put in the footwork and be a source of strength and unity for everyone that chooses to be a part of this. Life is one day at a time, no matter what! Make mindful choices today and be sure to keep your thinking and attention in the

It is ok to be on social media and smart devices, but also take note of what you are doing when you are using them. Don't let the distractions use you and your time. There is a great big world out there with endless information and new things to learn.

Be a part of the human experience and always continue to reap the benefits of having "google" at your fingertips. If you are a visual learner, then look up videos and obtain new information that way. There are so many ways to receive new insight and inspiration.

So splash some water on your face, shake off the worries of yesterday, and continue to evolve into the best version of yourself. Take care of your mind, body and spirit on a daily basis. Make today the best day of your life!!!!

May the rest of your day be filled with nothing but peace love and good vibes. Today and always!

Stay blessed groovy and connected to your spirit! One love family!


-The Spiritual Weatherman