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The Mine of Stonehell
Let it never be said that miners are not ambitious lot. Case in point is the Mine of Stonehell. Situated high in the hills and over a days ride from the nearest village, Stonehll began its existence as a deep and open pit. When high quality iron ore was discovered deep in the earth, hardy miners began excavating the ore and pulling it to the surface. Over the last year the simple pulley and bucket system was replaced with a more complex, and hefty, winch and platform system. This allows ore to be brought up much faster, and safer than ever before. Led by a short, stout, and gruff old dwarf named Kovichek, the miners have been massively successful, even building the tunnel (as it followed the vein) beneath a shallow pond at the bottom of the pit. As they have dug deeper they have encountered massive and immovable boulders and the course of the tunnel has followed the vein. Recently they have burst through the earth into an opening cavity. The miners have a great fear of what could lie within the inky black and have cleared the mine, waiting for brave (stupid) adventurers for hire to explore the darkness.