MINI ADVENTURE: The Sanctum of She'kar

Many years ago, the warlock She’kar led a crusade of devastation across the land. In the name of his fiendish patron, he razed villages, destroyed temples, and summoned minions from the depths of the abyss to spread malice and hate across the land. His desire for power blinded him to the evils he was unleashing on the world, and it wasn’t until his waning years that he saw the error of his ways.

But a pact is not easily broken, nor is it done without consequence. She’kar used what power he had left to banish his patron’s dark minions from this world and seal himself away in a dark crypt where he hoped no one, not even his former patron could find him. Alas, though he found freedom in life, in death he found only slavery and servitude. His soul was not his own, and once he shuffled off his mortal coil, he was risen into undeath, forced to serve his patron once more.

UPDATE: New look and formatting! Also fixed the cover!

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