MINI ADVENTURE: The Sword of the Ember Knight

Long ago, the Dumear Valley was ruled by an evil king. Empowered by darkness, his minions spread across the land bringing plague, famine, and strife. One day, a young knight confronted the king. He raised his sword, uttered a prayer to his god, and the blade erupted in holy flame. With it, he struck down the king and ended his reign of terror. Despite this, there was always a prophecy that he would return one day and take his revenge. Many years later, the Ember Knight, as he had come to be known, was laid to rest in an undisclosed location, his sword at his side. Over the centuries, his tale faded into myth and legend.

Recently, darkness has begun to spread across the land once more. The signs and omens point to the return of the evil king. Now the search is on for the knight’s fabled sword, the Emberblade. Not all who seek it have good intentions, however. Some seek it for the power it might grant them. A gang of bandits and thugs have arrived at the Honeywell Inn searching for a man who may know the location of the knight’s tomb. The characters, having sought out the man first, must protect him from the villains who seek to extort him, find the tomb, recover the sword, and put down the evil king’s spirit once and for all.

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