Mini Break — Back in the new year!
Hi everyone!

I'll be taking a break over the Christmas/New Year period and will return in early 2016.

There's a few reasons for this...The top one is my health.
I have chronic muscle pain (that is being speculated could be nerve pain due to a B12 deficiency which is also causing my anemia to constantly return).
Because of this, I tire out super easily. While I get treatment I'm taking it easy so I don't burn out.

Second reason — Day job. I work a 40 hour week. While it takes up time it's also incredibly draining for the above reason. But I need to work in order to pay for doctors and the treatment. (I don't have insurance so I pay in full with a small Medicare rebate).

This time off will allow me to work on comic project and create a buffer, as well as a patreon reward buffer. This way, we both win. ( n____n ) you will get your rewards consistently and having that buffer will help my health.

Feel free to amend your pledge so you won't be billed during the hiatus period.
If you'd like to keep your pledge running during then — I thank you sincerely <33333 You can find updates by following my patreon or my twitter (@msrosek) or tumblr.

Because October pledges have been already collected, I'll work on completing these rewards within the next two weeks tops. Thank you for your patience. 

Thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

With love,