Mini Camp Update: Day 3

Today was my first good writing day.  Day 1 & 2 of Camp I wrote very little new words on my stories, mostly I was just reading them and adding words here and there. Today though I sat down and forced myself to write continually.

I worked on A Siren's Tale today.  I hit 8,490 words on it! Which was good. I had been stuck for so long, so it felt good to get so many words out.  Here's a small snippet for you. :) 

I had been dreaming of the water for a week now. I told my mother of it but she only hushed me saying,
“We live in a fishing village, what do you expect?”
But it wasn’t the normal sort of dream, not a recurring theme save that the water called to me. In one dream I was swimming for hours, but I was in the body of large whale. The water was life brushing along my skin, I could feel the gentle push of the waves in my gut and I sang. Alongside me swam other whales, and I could hear them singing as well.   In another dream I was a seagull, flying along the coast. The sky was misty, and the salty sea air crashed through my lungs and made me giddy.  With a cry of joy I turned three loops in the air and then landed in my nest. There in the rocks other seagulls sat in their cozy nests, when I arrived they looked up and I immediately felt I was home.
Each morning I awoke in my normal body, and each morning I wept. The sea was calling to me.
My mother said to stop thinking of dreams, we had no time for such things. So I went back to washing clothes and tried to ignore my dreams.
This morning I dreamed of a cave, right on the sandy beach, jutting into the green coast of my land. The water was quiet as it lapped at the blue-brown stones, I stood on the edge of the opening. The water to my ankles, it’s touch like a lover’s and from within the blankness of the cave I could hear singing. Singing like that of the angles, I rushed forward, running as fast as I could but no matter how hard I tried I could not find the source of the song. I was devastated.