Mini Course Contents: How to get your message out there

Based on some comments I've had this month, and over the time the patron has been live, and based on emails I receive, I'm going to start a Mini Course on "How to get your message out there" 

Table of Contents

A guide to blogging, YouTube and conferences to help you improve your career by making your work and thoughts visible to the test community:

  1. Contents
  2. Why Get your message out?

General Tips:

  1. Marketing Tips and Tricks Site


  1. Intro to Blogging
  2. What to blog about?
  3. blogging Lessons Learned Summary Tracking
  4. get started blogging checklist


  1. Twitter Blogging Advice Thread

Case Studies

  • Blogging Case Study:
  1. Courage Blog Post Case Study


  1. Lessons on Video Creation 
  2. Video Creation Tips: Scripts, Practice and Handling Mistakes
  3. Free Video Recording and Editing Software 
  4. Live Streaming Video Tools and Equipment Case Study 
  5. Recommended Microphones for Recording and Streaming
  6. Demo of 3.5 mm Microphones I use


  • Initial Concerns
  1. Pay to Speak and Peer Pressure 
  2. Fear of Public Speaking Discussed 
  3. Getting Ideas for your Talk 
  4. General Summary of Concerns and Motivations 

  • LifeCycle of a Conference Talk

The practicalities of Conference Speaking and Submissions.

  1. The Submission Process
  2. Have the Motivation to submit 
  3. Research the Submission Process 
  4. Crafting a Submission 
  5. Treat your submission as a sales process 
  6. Edit to get it right 
  7. On Submitting 
  8. On Rejection 
  9. Being Accepted
  10. Negotiation Advice for Conferences 
  11. Tactics for Reducing The Cost of Conferences 
  12. Creating Your Talk
  13. Creating Slides with Markdown 
  14. Practicing Your Talk
  15. How to Remember Your Conference Talk 
  16. Practicing to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking 
  17. Delivering Your Talk
  18. Recording your talk 
  19. Starting Your Talk 
  20. Handling stuff that happens and goes wrong 
  21. Ending Your Talk 
  22. Handling Questions 
  23. After Your Talk
  24. Handling Feedback at the Conference 
  25. Your personal debrief 
  26. Handling Feedback After The Conference 
  27. Promoting your talk after it has finished 
  28. Reusing your talk
  29. Repeating a Conference Talk

  • Extra Notes

1. Recommended Reading 

2. Speaking Concerns at conferences (Pay To Speak, First Time Speaker, Exposure, Diversity)

Case Studies

  • Conference Case Studies:
  1. Conference Case Study Intro
  2. Conference Case Study Idea
  3. Conference Case Study Mindmap braindump
  4. Conference Case Study Mindmap and structure
  5. Conference Case Study - Eurostar 2018 Keynote
  6. Conference Case Study - Eurostar 2018 The Silent Run Through Milestone
  7. Conference Case Study - Eurostar 2018 Advice and Styles 
  8. Conference Case Study - Example Practice of a Lightning Talk 
  9. Conference Case Study - Agile Testers Conference 2018 - prep
  10. Conference Case Study - Agile Testers Conference - Retrospective