Mini Course Contents: How to get your message out there
Based on some comments I've had this month, and over the time the patron has been live, and based on emails I receive, I'm going to start a Mini Course on "How to get your message out there" 

I plan to cover: 

- Blogging 

- Conference Talks 

- Ebooks 

- Training 

Current TOC

A guide to blogging, YouTube and conferences to help you improve your career by making your work and thoughts visible to the test community:

  1. Contents
  2. Why Get your message out?
  3. Blogging
  4. Intro to Blogging
  5. What to blog about?
  6. blogging Lessons Learned Summary Tracking
  7. get started blogging checklist
  8. YouTube
  9. Lessons on Video Creation 
  10. Conferences
  11. Speaking Concerns at conferences 
  12. Repeating a Conference Talk 

Blogging Case Study:

  1. Courage Blog Post Case Study

Conference Case Studies:

  1. Conference Case Study Intro
  2. Conference Case Study Idea
  3. Conference Case Study Mindmap braindump
  4. Conference Case Study Mindmap and structure
  5. Conference Case Study - Eurostar 2018 Keynote
  6. Conference Case Study - The Silent Run Through Milestone
  7. Conference Case Study - Agile Testers Conference 2018 - prep
  8. Conference Case Study - Agile Testers Conference - Retrospective 

Live Streaming

1. Live Streaming Video Tools and Equipment Case Study 


  1. Marketing Tips and Tricks Site
  2. Twitter Blogging Advice Thread
  3. Video Creation Tips

Questions it needs to answer are: 

- how to select topics? 

- target market 

   - who to aim at? 

   - what knowledge should I assume from them? 

   - how fast do I train/present? 

   - how do I know what they need? 

- what medium should I use? 

- tools 

   - what tools to create videos? 

   - what writing tools? 

   - what formatting tools? 

- resistance 

   - handling doubts 

   - writers block 

   - fear of camera 

   - fear of presenting on stage 

- how to plan material? outlines? mind-maps? 

- marketing 

   - how to promote your content 

- sales 

   - how to pitch your content  

   - how to monetise your content 

This will be an ongoing micro course for a while but I'll collate the contents in this post. 

I'm also going to go 'behind the scenes' of some of the upcoming conferences and training courses I working on, how I prepare, how I write blogs etc.