Mini Live Stream
For those that may have missed the live stream yesterday on Facebook here is the link. It was definitely worth the experiment as it flagged up a couple of issues. Firstly the comments were not scrolling so I was behind in replying to some questions but once I realised then I was able to catch up every few minutes. Also the sound was echoing because the room is quite empty. Definitely something I can sort & as for the lighting, well the new kit literally just arrived this morning! Once I figured how to set it up I did so & tested it out. All good so hopefully that will help for the next one.

The new pc arrives this week so I will get that set up & I am hoping to create extra content next month for you all.

I have the creation of the polar bear from start to finish to edit for you but for the written tutorial this will be combined in with a couple of other pieces. I will upload the 2nd & 3rd reference photos for the $10 & upwards tier over the next couple of days.

Plans going forward are starting to take shape so thank you all for sticking with me so far :)

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
HEE HAW hugs!!
$1 or more per month 7 patrons
Get exclusive membership to the Official Hee Haw Appreciation Society & a guaranteed Hee Haw Hug across the miles every month :D 

Oh and of course, you get to support me in my quest to draw all things fluffy & furry!

Access to my studio...
$5 or more per month 58 patrons
A behind the scenes look at how I create my art to include...
  • At least 1 full length instructional video or tutorial per month (min length of 1 hour). This will be either a full length short tutorial or a segment of a bigger tutorial from the $10 if the $10 tier is a full length in-depth dog tutorial then the $5 video might be an in-depth one of the nose or eye or fur texture. 
  • Early access to mini voiceover 'hints & tips' videos. 
  • 1 reference photo complete with a line drawing
  • Exclusive snapshots of my current works in progress
  •  Plus exclusive access to the official Hee Haw Appreciation Society
Advanced access to my studio...
$10 or more per month 216 patrons
More behind the scenes access to how I work to include ALL of the previous rewards above...
  • The downloadable digital tutorial that sits alongside the longer in depth tutorial videos (this tutorial will retail on it's own at upwards of $8) Some months there will no written tutorial but instead there will be a 2nd or even 3rd full length video tutorial with voice over. With the longer in-depth tutorials it will be broken down into several videos focusing on specific areas so for example an in-depth dog tutorial could become separate full length tutorials focusing on eyes/nose/mouth/fur texture etc.  
  • At least 2 more reference photos complete with line drawings (so 3 or more ref photos & line drawings in total per month & sometimes many more!)

Art Critique & Private Mentoring
$35 or more per month 7 of 7 patrons
The closest that I can get to private tuition for now will be in the form of a critique with personalised advice on how to take it to the next level. 

You submit one piece of your artwork to me per month & the critique will be either via a detailed email & explanation pics or via a video. (In time this will be offered as a Skype/video call)

  • Plus all of the previous rewards listed above!!
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