Mini Live Stream
For those that may have missed the live stream yesterday on Facebook here is the link. It was definitely worth the experiment as it flagged up a couple of issues. Firstly the comments were not scrolling so I was behind in replying to some questions but once I realised then I was able to catch up every few minutes. Also the sound was echoing because the room is quite empty. Definitely something I can sort & as for the lighting, well the new kit literally just arrived this morning! Once I figured how to set it up I did so & tested it out. All good so hopefully that will help for the next one.

The new pc arrives this week so I will get that set up & I am hoping to create extra content next month for you all.

I have the creation of the polar bear from start to finish to edit for you but for the written tutorial this will be combined in with a couple of other pieces. I will upload the 2nd & 3rd reference photos for the $10 & upwards tier over the next couple of days.

Plans going forward are starting to take shape so thank you all for sticking with me so far :)