Mini Matt Smith.
Mini Matt Smith aka George Buckland is a good friend of mine and an awesome guy. He is a young cosplayer with autism who uses his time to raise money for charity. He can be found at many conventions with his family spreading smiles and raising moods.

He is also the only offical Mini Matt Smith as recognised by the 11th Doctor himself; Regular sized Matt Smith.

Recently George has been bullied online for his high profile achievements such as getting to visit the set of Doctor Who and meeting Peter Capaldi. I can understand the jealousy  as I myself would love to do these things, but to speak ill of him because of his fortune is unacceptable. Behind all the costumes and fandom, George is a 13 year old boy trying to raise money for others while overcoming his disabilities.

Being mean to people is never good guys, just don't do it.

Stay awesome Mini Matt, we all love you.