Mini-Announcement Time!
Hey all!

So World of Final Fantasy is coming up in about... 3 weeks or so. I thought I'd make a quick announcement of a small bonus thing for it!

So the webcam goal here on Patreon has been dropped down to $80/month. I thought I'd add in a small bonus to this! Normally I wait for the payments to go through for goals and rewards. This little bonus incentive is that if I make it to $80/month on Patreon, I will make that webcam goal kick in immediately instead of waiting for the payments.

Now don't think this is a reason to pledge in and then drop before payments go through. If I see that things drop (prior to payments going through) at the start of November then it will go away. But hey, I figured I'd put this out as a small announcement/bonus for the World of Final Fantasy stream that's happening at the end of this month!

Another small bonus: If I make it to that goal, I'll end the donation incentive over on the stream and consider the 12 hour stream immediately met. Meaning you'll get both the webcam stream and the 12 hour stream!

So want to pledge in and help out the stream? It's greatly appreciated, and here's the link to pledge now!