Hi all!!

AHHH!! Where have I been? I've been quiet in the Dragon Tutor Discord server, haven't been answering my comments (I AM SO SORRY! I FEEL SO BAD!!) and I've been silent here! 

Why? Cause I'm reformatting all my old pages into the new, chapter long updates!! AHHHH!!!

It's been quite a challenge to do this, especially since I used to draw all my pages in a more traditional "I-might-publish-this-one-day-so-it-should-have-a-lot-of-panels-on-every-page" and now I'm creating a more vertical type story format where every panel is essentially its OWN page!! It's been HARD XD

But also LOVELY!! I've been able to rethink some scenes with the idea that I can say MORE because the scene is now inside of a chapter instead of a two or three page moment! I REALLY LIKE THIS!

So of course you patrons will see all the new pages first! I should be able to show them much sooner as well (fingers crossed about this!) and you will see some pretty exciting stuff. 

Thank you all for being patient with me as we explored the past! Now onto Peregrin and then the present!

(also the honor blog comes out today XD HUGS YOU ALL!!!)