Hi guys I just wanted to quickly let you know what I am up to in terms of content.

Firstly I am in the process of writing a HUGE "how to learn kanji" guide. My plan is to make this as detailed and as useful as possible so that it can at least get on the first page of google for two separate keywords (which if all goes well should get a bunch of traffic) and therefore get more people on board RTK and then hopefully AJATT. 

One of the longest articles that appears on the first page of google is about 12,000 words so my aim is to go over that but without babbling too much. Now of course, this guide probably won't be that useful for anyone who's already doing or has done RTK as this will be aimed at complete beginners but I will still post it here first before releasing it on my blog.

I am also editing a video of me and Natsumi talking about my trip to Japan. It was recorded a while ago and my Japanese wasn't great but Natsumi speaks a lot more than I do in it so you might pick up a thing or too. The only issue is that it's very long so it's taking me a while to get through.

Encase you don't already know I am also working full time at the moment in order to save up for university living costs next year and also for my plans after uni (there's a good chance I will go to Japan for a bit). I will try and make a video on how I am learning Japanese while working full time as it's a problem that a lot of people have and I think it could be helpful.

I also want to make a video about timeboxing, speed reading and other techniques that I feel could be useful for you guys so stay tuned for them.

And I also wanted to know what you guys prefer in terms of content.

Do you prefer the casual videos or do you prefer blog posts? 

I think if I where you guys then I would prefer blog posts as I could listen to Japanese as well but the videos are a lot easier for me to make. 

Would love to hear your opinion on that.

And finally is there anything in particular you would like from me in terms of content? Any topics you want me to cover etc etc. Let me know and I'll try my best to answer your needs :)

Once again guys thanks an absolute tonne for supporting me!


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