Mini Vacation and Palaver
Sorry for the lack of updates this week. We went on a mini-vacation to The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia for the Death Salon, and uh, since I've been back, I've been playing Blazing Lazers on my Nintendo DS with a Turbographix Emulator. Beat it! YAY ACCOMPLISHMENT! /self deprecating sarcasm (I think it's amazing to be able to go back in time and finish things I never beat.... one can also Youtube old video games and the keyword "longplay" to watch someone beat them.  Commmodore 64 Snookie anyone? Mission Impossible)

WTF is the Death Salon? It's like Comicon, but instead of superheroes and pop culture, the speakers are more like doctors, morticians, and researchers that focus on death/dying/or art related to such. Yeah, it's a little weird, but hey, there's a thing for everyone. I saw "famous" people.  The people from The Oddities were there! They were selling their stuff like any other regular vendor.

The Mutter Museum was cool, full of real human skulls and oddities like coinjoined twin babies in a jar, etc.  Check them out.

It made me feel like doing more old school Jimiyo style skull/dark art.

But then I remembered some ass-trhole said about me years ago on the internet "All Jimiyo does is skulls, tigers, and the all seeing eye."

Oddly, over the years, I've recieved 1000's of comments praising my work, but I rarely remember any of them. The negative ones however have left their mark, like how Ryu burned Sagat!

There's a sort of cognitive dissonance...  The artist in me wants to make whatever. The person in me who catalogs all negative experiences says, maybe you shouldn't. You made that one person upset when you did that.

That one person is many, those one persons over the years amassing like an army telling me, "JUST QUIT!"

But those people don't matter. I dont know them. They are just internet trolls.

But you know, trolls are effective.

Why do so many people give up on their dreams?

Because society says, artists don't make much money. Just Quit.

Because parents say, well, you'd make  more money as -insert occupation-. Just Quit.

Because your own self says, well, you did make more money as an art director, trading stock, or even a salesmen.

Everything tells us to Just Quit.


I suppose, you all have decided to follow an artist not necessarily to see art being cranked out all the time, but to see the artist journey: a perpetual fight against "JUST QUIT"

I apologize for not posting art this week, but I think, this IS the artist journey.

The ebb and flow of inspiration and uh... despair?

I think that's why we often admire the truly motivated and prolific artist (or any profession) because we *DESIRE* the seeming internal energy that we perceive in people who truly seem to have a passion to create/or do something consistently. That passion is the art itself.


Thanks for reading and being my patron!