Miniature Review: Khanjira the World-Breaker (****)
I've long hoped for a tarrasque-type miniature that Wizards of the Coast has never been interested in producing -- probably for good reason, given the production costs and effort -- so when Reaper stepped up to the challenge with the tarrasque-like Khanjira, I couldn't resist. Even better, the price was reasonable at under $50.  When Reaper ran one of its Kickstarters I bought the World Breaker...and promptly left it on my shelf for months.

It took me so long because the idea of putting Khanjira together was a little daunting.  But once I came up with a use for the miniature (in our My Little Pony vs. Princes of the Apocalypse campaign, it was a fire-breathing lizard god) I was sufficiently motivated to put it together in one day.  The miniature does not disappoint.

It's 14 different pieces that have to be glued together. Khanjira is standing on a piece of rubble, but the connection between the rubble and Khanjira's foot is a plain wedge.  It's disappointing, because from certain angles that wedge is visible (conveniently, it's not in most photos).  It wouldn't have taken much for sculptor Jason Wiebe to turn that wedge into more rubble so it blended better.

The tarrasque in my campaign is known as Am-Heh the Sleeper, a nasty creature who slumbers in the Mekhenret Desert, with the forequarters of a lion, the head and tail of a crocodile, and the temperament of a hippopotamus. As such, I decided Am-Heh should look dirty, and I think that just added to her appeal. 

Khanjira roughly follows the tarrasque's form from Dungeons & Dragons -- which is ironic, because WOTC has claimed ownership of the tarrasque's unique appearance in the past.  Khanjira has an additional set of horns and a spiked tail, but none of that detracts from the creature's fearsome appearance.  The only other criticism is that she's so heavy that her base wobbles.  It's a fixable problem by gluing the figure down to a base, but it's an unfortunate compromise when using softer Bonesium instead of resin.  Still, I wouldn't trade her for anything, and Am-Heh waits in all her horrific glory on my shelf to devour the next group of adventurers. 

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