Miniature Review: Black Dragon Hatchling (*****)
My daughter decided she wanted to play a purple dragon in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign.  This itself wasn't a problem, but using dragon PC rules (found here) meant that she would start out a medium-sized dragon and eventually grow into a large-sized dragon.  I already had the perfect purple dragon (AKA deep dragon) from another set.  I just needed a small one, and with two quick snips of its horns I knew I had my dragon miniature.

Purple dragons are lithe and have sinuous necks, so I chose the black dragon hatchling of the other Reaper miniatures.  I removed the front-facing horns and applied the right coat of purple.  Voila!  Instant baby purple dragon. 

You'll need to base this miniature, as its movement -- while making for an interesting sculpt -- doesn't make it particularly stable. My daughter loved it, and that's what mattered most.  

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