MiniMap for Skyrim LE

This is a MiniMap mod for Skyrim LE.

If you use ENB, open "enblocal.ini" and set SpeedHack=false because textures will not be displayed correctly due to a conflict with MiniMap.

The color of the MiniMap is affected by ambient light etc. It is not affected by ENB (v0.292 or later), but if you use weather mod, the color of terrain may be black. In that case, please try OverrideDirectionalAmbient=true in MiniMap.ini.  There are other detailed settings in ini.

Skyrim LE用のミニマップmodです。

ENBを使用する場合、ミニマップとの競合によりテクスチャの表示がおかしくなるため、"enblocal.ini"を開いて SpeedHack=false に設定してください。



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