Mining for Trouble, Pg 46 Thumbnails
Hello, everyone!

Page 46 of Mining for Trouble has been posted, and we're one page away from the final note on the pie gag.

The pie dropping on Boulder began as a way to clearly work out some spacial relationships between the action in the gorge and the teetering cliff face (which I'm sure you've figured will be a plot point soon), but it soon became apparent that it was an opportunity to express something I think is essential about Boulder--he's the kind of guy who not only turns a "humiliation" into a plus (hey, free pie!), but he isn't too cool to express some gratitude in the process. Maybe it's Zen, I'm not sure--I just know it's a quality that all of my personal heroes (both real and fictional) have shared.

Oh, and you can see that in the final page I introduced one more bit of dialogue in panel 3. Again, it was one of those funny opportunities that came out of a functional need. Boulder's dialogue as it is on the thumbnails came in a little too abruptly after Sapph-Fire's balloon in the previous panel. I felt that we needed a 1.5 beat of dialogue between those two balloons--something like "Wow, that was great!" Which turned out to be a nice way of showing Boulder's simple brand of gratitude.