Minor Reward Change: Price Drop
The $10 reward has been dropped to $3 because you can easily download my videos using external websites regardless. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month 108 patrons
For just a buck a month...

>> Access to the Patron Discord server!

(Find the invite link in the posts or message me for it)

>> Unlock production posts!

(Screenshots and images from upcoming projects. I post things!)

Side Dish
$2 or more per month 77 patrons
For just an EXTRA dollar a month...

>> Previous Rewards!

>> Get your name listed at the end of new videos!

(Or other Patreon funded projects)

Main Course
$5 or more per month 93 patrons
For a whole 5 smackaroos a month...

>> Previous Rewards!

>> Unlock more production posts!

(gifs, audio clips, video clips, etc. from upcoming projects)

$15 or more per month 10 of 10 patrons
For a whopping 15 cash money...

>> Previous Rewards!

>> I'll mail custom stickers to you whenever you want!

(Up to a reasonable amount, lol)

Here's how this works:

I have a bunch of stickers, made by me, stockpiled at my house. After at least one payment goes through, shoot me a message asking for whichever sticker designs you want! (from a list of options) And I'll mail 'em right away! It's like Netflix but for silly little stickers.

You will also receive a Patreon message when I add new stickers to the options!

(This is a new tier and is possibly going to be a bit rough at first. The Patron limit is also likely to be increased in the future when I get a better feel for how to do this. In the meantime, please be patient <3)

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