The Miracle of My Anointing - Part 2

Excerpt from part 1: "They could all see me squint in wonder at my hands and their faces as, in awe, they stood of the event that they had just witnessed. The faith of prayer warriors had become evident because of the miracle of my sight."

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“I Believe That Boy Sees!”

Imagine the added amazement of my folks, who at home after my anointing, marveled when my curiosity peaked at the first sight of pictures on the wall. The thermostat dial especially sparked my interest as an object that would hearken to the playful desire of any tot who would treat an HVAC central control as a toy. 

My parents were not certain of how well I could then see but, undoubtedly, the instant improvement had been drastic. So, they immediately scheduled an appointment for me to again be seen by the same professional who, only several weeks prior, had declared my condition of blindness as permanent. 

When I was seen a few days later by my eye doctor, he had not yet been made aware of the gift that I had received. As before, he waved his light pen in front of me – but I snatched it this time which, of course, was not the reaction that he had come to expect. Puzzled by my response, he repeated the test. Once again, I intrigued him when I reached for his pen and, to his amusement, engaged him in a grab game. He then toggled the small corner light that, previously, I had failed to see illuminate from across the room; but I slightly turned my head to look on that attempt and, furthermore, I tried to push the doctor aside as I leaned to see better where the lit bulb was positioned behind and above him. He had seen enough to smile, shake his head, and express with astonishment, “I believe that boy sees!” And after my parents then shared with him that I had recently been anointed, he disclosed his firm belief in a higher power and attributed my remarkable change to healing that only the divine could accomplish.

 Upon a closer examination, the doctor observed that my retinas had developed more than should have been possible in the state of their deformity and, especially, so many months after my birth. Yet, he advised that, while I would not need the services of the blind school, my eyes would still be so poor that I would struggle in the mainstream but, unpampered in that environment, I would adapt and endure to achieve some success. He prescribed only my wits and a soft pair of shaded plastic glasses to navigate on my journey and, at that very early age when I was still learning to walk, I certainly put all of my faculties and resources to good use.

“…a miracle occurred – my retinas further developed. Thus, my vision improved.
The scope of my legal blindness is acute near-sightedness accompanied by light sensitivity and involuntary rapid-eye movement; my vision is effectively distorted.
~ THIPA, Chapter 2 ~ 

I came to rely so much on my glasses that, when I knocked them out of place in collisions with walls or furniture, I would pause to jam them back on my face with the palm of my tiny hand. My thick eyewear augmented my means to independently find my way including where, on my mother’s lap, a universe of books had been revealed for me to explore. But my hearing and “other acuities” were no less honed than while my vision was not in sight. 

 My first love is the music of sound. As soon as I could prop myself against the piano bench, I would stretch to peck a single ivory and would listen until the resonance of, not just the string but, the entire instrument could not be heard over the sound of a pin drop. My lack of complete vision necessitated that, to enhance my mental conception of tangible dimensions, I listen with such attentiveness but also, as keenly, compensate with all my senses and my mind’s eye 

I am ever thankful for this gift of sight – partial though it may be.”
“ eyes are sufficient...
~ THIPA, Chapter 2 ~ 

My first book, The Hope in Personal Apocalypse (THIPA), includes many examples of how well my adaptiveness has equipped me to do all sorts of things that you might not expect of someone who does not see well enough to qualify for a driver’s license.

I have grown accustomed to focusing my "mind’s eye" to safely walk among you. But I could not have gracefully lived for so long without the gift of discernment that God has granted me for when all else would fail. 

The Blessings

As someone who was born and has lived with the challenges that come with forms of blindness, I have been blessed to feel the enlightening touch of God’s unseen hand when He has reached out to direct me. To me, faith is as sight. I shall evermore be thankful for such hyperacuity of God-given "discernment" that has often kept me from harm and distress.

I have also come to appreciatively trust that, sometimes, I must take a hit or go through something. When I have later reflected on such painful experiences, there were the eureka moments when I could see how God had worked to strengthen me for my own good and for a higher purpose.

Deep in my heart, I know this truth: I could not have survived without the interventions by God who saved me, nor could I have come this far without His divine guidance that led me through the darkest valleys.

Many people are blind to blessings that are not visually perceivable. Their view is, perhaps, obscured by their dependence on vision. 

Let not your heart be blinded to the often-overlooked blessings of hope and insight that God has bestowed to the innocent and has extended to lost souls who had sought to see His face.

My son, do not lose sight of these — keep sound wisdom and discretion, and they will be life for your soul and adornment for your neck. Then you will walk on your way securely, and your foot will not stumble. If you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.
(Proverbs 3:21-24 ESV)


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