I've had a bit of a realisation lately that I've not spent much time painting for myself over the last year - majority of my time has been either client work or uni work. And I've been feeling a lack of inspiration for my own art....so one of the things I've decided to do is make more time to experiment.

I figured one of the ways I could ease into this was to dig back through my pile of sketches I have from the times when I was more inspired and use them as a building block.

I always wanted to paint up this sketch I did from Miranda Kerr in some beauty magazine as a Fairy Queen..but I found I really wasnt sure how I wanted to approach it, what style, what colour scheme. In the end I landed on something I liked, I ended up blurring the middle image and redrawing the facial structure and detail from scratch as it just wasn't looking right.

It was certainly fun to just see where this went, without any pressure for it to match a particular style or need to be something specific. I wanna do a final clean up at some point, get some nice shiny going on :P