The night had been passionate, fun, and just what Blake needed to unwind after a long mission.

Weiss had kept up with her through the night, the two bringing each other to new heights and drawing progressively more interesting noises out of one another.

But like all good things, it had to end eventually.


Blake stood up, extricating herself from the heiress’ arms with well-practiced grace. It was a game she’d played more times than she cared to count, slipping out in the early hours of the morning. 


She turned back around to see the heiress shiver slightly, and groaned.

“This was a mistake, wasn’t it?” She asked of the room. “Because I can’t just sneak out when I’ll have to see her on the next mission…”

The furniture declined to comment.

She shook her head, and turned to the door.

She turned the knob, and a voice nearly made her jump. 

“Blake? You’re leaving?” She forced a smile on her face and turned around.

Weiss was sitting up, looking at her with her head tilted slightly. 

She had the sheets clutched to her neck, draped over her body in a way that somehow left absolutely nothing to the imagination yet still made her look regal. 

Blake was conflicted. Part of her wanted to put as much distance between her and this conversation as possible, part of her wanted to cross the distance between her and Weiss, consequences be damned, and part of her just wants to call bullshit on looking that good when she just woke up.

She ends up nodding numbly.

Weiss swallowed. “Can… will you stay? Please?”

Blake froze. 

Not literally, of course. Myrtenaster was still safely out of Weiss’ reach, after all. 

They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, Blake hating herself when Weiss’ shoulders started to droop, inch by inch. 

“I’m sorry.” The heiress said, sounding broken. “I shouldn’t have expected you to…” She broke off, letting out her breath in a long sigh. 

Blake wanted nothing more than to leave, but she’d grown in her time since Beacon.

She knew she couldn’t just run from her problems all the time, and this was something they needed to discuss. 

Preferably before the resentment set in. 

“Weiss?” She asked, failing to keep the slight quaver of fear from her voice. “What… what was this to you?”

Weiss’ jaw trembled. “I… I’ve had feelings for you, Blake. For quite a while.” She took a shuddering breath. “I thought, maybe if…” 


“If I took you home-”


“I could show you, and maybe you could… feel the same way.”

“Weiss…” Blake shook her head. “I’m sorry, but-”

Weiss smiled at her, tears coming to her eyes. “It’s okay, Blake. I,,, this was fun. I’ll see you later?” 

“Y-yeah.” she let herself out of the apartment, heading to the elevator.

She’s never wished to have been born a human, but she comes awfully close when the elevator’s doors shut and her enhanced hearing still manages to pick out Weiss’ sob.


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