Misha Golfman on Wilderness Semesters
On episode #11 of the Real Education Podcast, I interview a fascinating "old-school" outdoor educator: Misha Golfman, the co-founder (with his wife) of the company Kroka Expeditions. I discovered Kroka through one of my mentees signed up for Kroka's Vermont Semester, a "600-mile circumnavigation of Vermont by backcountry ski, white water canoe, rowboat and mountain bike." (http://www.kroka.org/programs/ind_prog.php?fmid=9999) I'd heard rumors of this program while working at Not Back to School Camp in Vermont, and when I learned it was all true, I knew I had to interview the brain behind the operations. Misha has led a fascinating life that will inspire teachers, outdoor educators, and anyone who loves the wilderness. Enjoy the conversation.
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