Miska's Maps Foundry VTT Modules

Starter Module

If you are a Foundry VTT license owner, you can download my Battlemap Starter Pack for Foundry VTT here. See the installation instructions below, if necessary. 

Patreon-Exclusive Battle Map Modules

Hero and higher tier, patrons can access my premium battle map modules with more maps and variants. The modules will be divided into volumes with 10 maps each and they can have background music, scene illustrations, and other related content. 

You can find the manifest links and zip packages to the Patreon-exclusive Premium Battlemap Modules here (Hero+ tier patrons only).

Installation - Forge VTT users

Using Bazaar

If you have an active subscription at a tier including the Foundry VTT map modules, you can find Miska's Maps battle map modules under Add-On Modules > Premium Modules and download the modules directly from the Bazaar if you have your Patreon linked with the Forge.

Using Import Wizard (ZIP)

You can also import the modules as zip files using the Import Wizard in the Foundry Setup page. This will analyze the zip file, and if it is found in the Bazaar, the module does not count towards your asset quota (unless you install it as a custom module).

Installation - Self-Hosted

Install and activate through Foundry VTT using a manifest link: 

  • Launch Foundry VTT > Select "Add-on Modules" tab
  • Click "Install Module" > Copy & paste the manifest link here to "Manifest URL"
  • Click "Install" 
  • Launch a world and activate the module
  • Open Compendium and import the maps you like

Install and activate through Foundry VTT using a zip file:

  • Download the zip package and unzip it to your "Modules" folder under Foundry VTT "Data" folder.
  • Launch Foundry VTT 
  • Launch a world and activate the module
  • Open Compendium and import the maps you like


You can update the module easily through Foundry VTT with a few mouse clicks:

  • Update by clicking the "Check Update" next to the module in the modules listing, or "Update All" at the bottom of the panel. 

Other Features

Variant Picker 

To choose a variant map for the scene right-click on the scene thumbnail on the scene menu in the right sidebar and select "Variant chooser".

Next pick the desired variant from the dropdown menu and click OK.

Automatic Playlist Importing and Import Extra Files

When you import a Miska's Maps Premium Battlemap scene from the compendium, the module automatically creates a playlist for any included audio files. 

If you have deleted the playlist for any reason, you can always re-import the audio files and re-create the playlist by right-clicking the scene thumbnail on the Scene menu and selecting "Import Extra Files".

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