Miss Full of Freckles July 2017
A little bit later than expected, but here is our Miss Full of Freckles of July. Dani a wonderful woman with lots of spirit. And make sure you check out her cartoon Instagram @oodling_doodling they are fantastic.

🔹What is your favourite colour?
🔸YELLOW. I always used to be too afraid to wear it. Sunflowers have always been my favourite flowers but I never let myself dress like one. Nowadays I wear this little, yellow leather backpack everywhere. My Mum haggled for it with me, I love it.
🔹What is your bopo journey? Do you wanna tell us something about it?
🔸Until I went to uni I had this crippling self doubt which, looking back, I can actually see on my face in photos. I wore baggy, bland clothes to hide myself and I was acutely aware of all of my ‘flaws’. My Mum has always been very hyper critical of herself so I think I saw her doing that and kind of imprinted that behaviour. It was always a case of ‘you’d be so pretty if you lost weight’. I was convinced that if boys wanted to date me, that it was a bet or a dare.
I am very blessed to have an incredible best friend who talks me out of it when I have a BOPO slip up though. It has helped having a massive variety of friends, all of whom are willing to openly discuss how we’re all differently affected by society and its pressures on us. I think once you realise that there is literally no reason for you not to happily exist in the body you’re already in, you’re half way there.
🔹Do you have any tricks to learn to be bopo?
🔸Wear what makes you happy. Loving your body is never going to be easy, we’re literally living in a society that makes its money from you hating your body. Switching that off takes time. But I really do notice a difference when I wear clothes that I love - not because they hide my stomach, or because it’s just long enough to cover my thighs, but because it’s absolutely smothered in glitter, or it’s BRIGHT YELLOW! For me it’s yellow, and bright florals. I do not leave the house until I’m feeling sassy enough to wiggle wherever I’m going, whether that’s to the supermarket or to a business meeting. Force yourself to fabulous.
🔹You have PCOS? Can you tell us a little about it, what this is and how it effects you?
🔸I was only very recently diagnosed but it answered a lot of questions for me. Regarding my periods, my weight, my near constant state of tiredness. I’ve realised through this that my weight isn’t something that I can run off, swim off, or diet away. It’s literally a physical part of me, it’s hormonal as much as anything else and therefore beyond my control. It was actually such a relief for me to know what was going on with my body. It really pinned me down into thinking ‘you’ve got one body. It’s been working for you so far despite PCOS. Look after this jiggly little thing like it was your best friend. Now I do.
🔹What is your favourite piece of clothing to wear?
🔸I have a thing about dungarees. I love them. Any occasion. I have a joke with my boss that business isn’t business unless Dani’s wearing dungarees.
🔹You are also an illustrator. Tell us about your work. 😀
🔸I’ve always enjoyed drawing silly little cartoons. My mum really loves them and suggested that I go into greetings cards, which I would love to do. I thought I’d start cataloguing my stuff on instagram to (hopefully!) build up a little platform for myself before I start selling and doing commissions. I really hope my sense of humour comes across because I don’t like to take things too seriously 🙂
🔹What would be your dream job?
🔸I would love to be a songwriter, or a playwright. I run a Youtube channel which I’m really really proud of (danieandben). I don’t think it’ll ever go anywhere serious - but I literally pour my heart and soul into it.
🔹Is there anything else you wanna say or tell us?
🔸Everyone should use the Mooncup - period.