Miss Mouse's Birthday!
Hello if you've reached us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - welcome! This is where you can find out all about Miss Mouse and her friends. You don't need to be a Patron to Follow our feed, and you get to see all of Miss Mouse and the Woodland Gang's adventures without having to scroll past photos of my everyday shenanigans.

On July 17th, Miss Mouse will be celebrating her first birthday, and she'd like to give all of her Patrons a little present!

ALL PATRONS will receive a card on Miss Mouse's Birthday, as well as access to all of Miss Mouse's Patrons-only birthday pictures.

$1 Patrons will receive a digital card

$3 Patrons (and above) will receive a printed card

$5 Patrons (and above) will also receive a Birthday Gift from Miss Mouse!

I can't tell you too much about the Actual Gifts at this stage - some of them I can't order until I know how many Patrons we're going to have on the day. I can say that every Patron who signs up by the end of June, at every level, will receive something special. Rest assured that preparations are well under way, and you can see that the Woodland Gang have started making all manner of gifts for Miss Mouse too.

If you know somebody who you think might like to receive a gift from Miss Mouse, or to join us here in the long term, please feel free to share this post with them! I have grand plans for Miss Mouse's future, but I need as much support as possible in order to make them all happen. That's why Miss Mouse is especially keen to send you all a little something - to say THANK YOU for helping us along.

Lots of love,

Claire & Miss Mouse

PS - apologies to long-standing Patrons who've seen this update before - I've just taken out a Facebook advert to try and reach a few more people, so I want all the details to be easily accessible when they arrive. 

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