Miss Sweet Pea Fairy Cat
What can I say about Miss Sweet Pea?  Haha  

She was a struggle from the beginning.  For some reason, these last few portraits are not inspiring me in the same way as my earlier portraits in the series.  I've been saving these for last.... Sweet Pea, Lily of the Valley, Larkspur, and Holly.  Although I think now I'll choose Poinsettia over Holly, because holly flowers aren't recognizable or eye-catching.   Maybe I'll try painting some holly berries later. 

Sweet peas come in soooo many colors, and I considered painting a few different varieties, but worried the cat's fur would clash with most of them.   I'm not even sure why I decided upon this particular pink-ish cultivar; I just thought they were pretty.  I've never grown sweet peas before, although they look similar to my hyacinth bean flowers, which are really struggling this year. :P

I wasn't in "the Zone" when I began working on this portrait, and it's evident for the first three minutes ~ as I'm splattering grey, brown, and white all over the cat's face. I knew I wanted a grey/brown tabby (like my kitty, Merlin), but my brain couldn't focus on the steps needed to produce that type of ticked fur.

Perhaps it was the signal between my brain and my hand that was getting crossed, as if the command was "Blend the grey into the white on the muzzle", and my hand thought it heard  ~ "Make a bigger mess here on the face!"

"I just can't do it, Captain. I don't have the power!"

Eventually, I got my act together, and the mess started to resemble a cat!  However, even after it was finished, I had trouble looking at it without cringing.   I took a break from Sweet Pea to finish my Bastet painting, which turned out much better! My confidence was bolstered, and I was willing to return to the table to finish this flower portrait. LOL 

I listed her on eBay, with low expectations, and was greatly surprised when she immediately sold outright, without even a single bid!  One of my repeat buyers, who has been bidding (and winning!) most of this series, is going on vacation... and she wanted to ensure she had this portrait before she left, as she wouldn't have time to monitor the auction.  Needless to say, I was tickled! :)

Now that I've finished Bastet a few days before the Rabbit Hole auction, I've decided to do a small 5"x7" portrait of Cleopatra to include as well.  I think it will complement Bastet, especially as I'm using a similar color palette. 

I just found out that my annual local charity auction, Art For the Animals, has set their artwork deadline for September 17th.  Eeeek!  Everything seems to be due all at once.   I plan to paint at least 4 Shakespeare characters to donate; if Cleopatra doesn't sell before then, she'll be one of them. 

I've been recording Cleopatra's progress, and I should be finished within a day, and able to share her with you. :)

This weekend, the Farmer's Market is set up inside AND outside, and I was fortunate to snag an indoor space ~ considering the temperatures will be pushing 100 degrees! The poor produce vendors will be outdoors under tents. :O 

Thank you for another month on Patreon!  I was able to purchase a set of brushes and 3 tubes of paint this month, which were solely needed. :)