Missed Msgs
Hey guys, just wanted to send out a msg and make sure I haven't missed anyone, I'm trying to keep on top of supporter tags in our videos, so if I haven't reached out yet comment and let me know so I can credit you as a supporter and add a link in an upcoming video.

Thanks again

Tier Benefits
The Super Secret World Travel Map
$1 or more per per video 73 patrons
Access to my planning map through My Maps. You also get access to all lower tiers.
Behind the Scenes and Extras
$3 or more per per video 22 patrons
This perk gives you access to bits and pieces of extra content I've either deemed too riské or too far off the beaten path to share with the masses. This could be photos or videos. You also get access to all lower tiers
Keel Timber
$5 or more per per video 19 patrons
Thank you so much for keeping this dream alive. As well as all rewards for lower tiers, you'll also have your name engraved on the boat.
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