Missing Ad Free Videos and Early Access Updates
Hello everyone!

I have been finding out my unlisted videos that allow you all to watch my videos ad free, are STILL getting copyright claims from YouTube's bots. Regretfully I don't have a solution for these videos yet, but I will find one! Most likely I will make a separate version for you all! 

This is why videos like the "Dragons as Lunar Landers" and "Trailer Reaction" couldn't be ad free.

As for early access I have deadlines to hit all week for providing content. It has been frustrating to be behind, but I should be falling into a groove soon. I should be able to get you early content for let's plays and Reviews days in advance thanks to my new computer! 

Bloopers are well into production for just you all! I have about 3-4 videos I'll spread out over time :)  

When the DLC drops, most likely, I will not be able to put anything up early access for those two days because i'll be rushing to get zombies out, but they will be ad free eventually!

All your posters will be shipped out soon!

Thank you again for supporting me on Patreon. You all mean the world to me. You 10 alone make a massive difference that THOUSANDS couldn't. I do not take any one of you for granted for believing in me. THANK YOU!