Team V allign. Front row in position. Defences activated. Formation begin.

Jem rubbed his hands and his eyes. He turned his head to the screen. He was going to win this time, for sure. But before he could hit the play button. Emily called out,

“Jem, come here.“

“In a seeeccc.” he answered back

“No, c-come here right now.” Her voice seemed a little shook

“But I am on my way to winning. I can’t betray my team.”

“I f-found b-blood” Jem’s heartbeats fastened at her words “in your room.”

He threw away his blanket, remote and bolted towards his room. When he reached the door, he saw Emily standing near his desk. There was fear in her eyes. He took a step forward and spoke in his calming voice “Em, please don’t tell Mom. I’ll explain everything to you.”

She picked up a flask from the table and spoke “wh-what, h-h-how.. b-blood…. i-i-n”

He broke her stutters and blurted out “I am vampire.”

He could tell her that it was just red ink that smelled really bad but he did not want to lie, not anymore.

Her eyes widened at his words and before she could stutter further, he spoke “I got bit last month. On the night of mike’s party. The first two days were hell, I did not know what was happening. I googled the bite and found out that it was a vampire’s. Cravings came along too.”

Emily shivered “Human blood ?” Jem quickly replied “No, animal”. He looked in her eyes and asked “Will you tell this to Mom?”

She took a deep breath “No, not yet”

Fear started to fade in her eyes, after few seconds of awkward silence, she crossed her arms and sighed,

“Well that explains, why you have been spending the summer playing video games in the house”….”And why I couldn’t find our cat ‘Misty’ anywhere”