Mission To Condition
When you went away you stole my soul with you.

Took it with your mouth and your legs pussy and ass too.

You never gave it back. Well look at me now.

 I gotta cracked heart cracked head I'm cracking a smile I can't stop lovin you.

All of my ambition .I swear I'm on a mission

A mission to condition mission to condition

We're gonna make a hell. The numbers gonna swell

I'm wearing a full face leather mask. Can't ya tell?

You know you shoulda stayed. Nuthin better out there

Only got us played. Because nobody cares.

It's mess in with my heart and my head too

ZYou'll never get over me I'll never get over you.

Baby your so smart. But you lie to us both.

Try so hard to convince the world that your outta touch

I never bought that shit. Know you better than that.

Killed yourself well good riddance. I guess that is that.