Mist the Valkyrie [Fallen Heroine]

Hey folks

Your last  fantasy races voting shows me that it's a time for Valkyrie

Mist is one of the favorite daughters of Odin. She came to land of mortals to start a new war for the glory of Odin and choice the most brave hero to become his woman. 


If you're weak, you're nothing in her eyes. Mist likes the true heroes!

 When Valkyrie smells the true warriors blood on the battlefield, she becomes so excited...  

So Mist is going to start a total war and it can quickly destroy your Evil Reigns...

Strengths: As a daughter of Odin the Valkyrie can easily kill all your stupid minions in a fairy fight! 

Weaknesses:  She's a mist. She has a secret...


This month I'm hard working on new heroines: Angel, Dark Elf (Drow), Succubus and other according to you votes in the last fantasy characters poll

for new 4K renders only for +30 Patrons

So feel free to vote and comment and you'll see your favorites heroes in the game...

Stay tuned, folks...


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