Mistic high ( first 3 chapters)
MISTIC HIGH THEY BEGINNING OF IT ALL Hey im persy and up until a few weeks ago i was just your average teen trying just to live a normal life. You know like play video games, go skate bording, hanging out with friends ,and dating girls. Well that is until we moved that is. No, im just trying to stay alive in school. And you thought just getting passing grades was hard? Well when me and my mom moved to ohio the only school that was open for transfers was this school ive never herd by the name of Mistic High. But im getting a head of myself so why don't i just start from the beginning. Well it all started after about a week after moving there. I hear my name being called as i liedown on my bed i start to wake up as i hear my name over and over again while in my dream i walk towards the voice calling out my name. Once in view i see a weird woman wearing a strange set of armor with some strange markings on it as i try to make out the face of the strange woman. i hear her say its time to go and with that a flash of light from here hand blinds me and i wake up hearing my mom then say your going to be late. I sigh and get of bed wounder about who was that woman as i get dressed for my first day at my new school. Page 1 As i look at the uniform i see a the letters M,H on the top right corner oh the t-shirt and in the left pocket a circle with werd simblos all most like a magic circle. I wounder why there would be one of theys in a shirt but i didnt really time to look over the shirt i had to run to the buss stop or i would be late. As i begin to rush fown the stairs after getting dressed i see an egg sandwich made for me by my mom i grab it and say 'ill see you later mom'. I eat it as i run out the door to the buss stop down the street running full speed just making it to the bust stop next to the grave yard. I wait about five min tell a rickdy old buss with mistic high porly wrighten on the side and blacked out windows. I think to my self' you got to be kidding me'. As the buss pulls up and opens its doors and i see a dark shadow of what i assume is the buss driver. I ask sturdering a bit' i is th this the buss to m misticc high'. The buss driver would nod and just kept quiet almost in humanly silent. Agenst my better judgement i get onto the bust then i hear from the driver as almost as a wisper directly in my ear ' sit on the human side boy'. I shuder knowing that he hasnt moved. I slowly look up and see two signs one saying human the other saying monsters. I think to my self' there joming right please let them be joking'. I see about twenty eyes on the monster side glaring at me. I gulp and sit on the almost empty human side and see a blood stain on the seat and gulp again as the buss begins to move again. Page2 THEY ARRIVAL TO MY DOOM After a terrifying Thirty minute bus ride we arrive and i hear like a wisper in my ear 'monsters off the buss first' and with that i see vampires' werewolfs' zombies' gooles' and' ghosts. i shiver in fear to find out that monster really exist. After all of the monsters get off the buss i hear again a wisper in my ear' humans off the buss' i slowly get up and walk off the buss and see a old ran down school with blacked put windows i look up and see a onning to keep the sun from reaching ppl or monsters. I look a round walking tords the school and hear from behind ' your human right?'. I jump turning around to see a girl vampire in a black coat and red scarf. I answer saying' y yes i a am'. she replys ' oh cool ive never meet a human before may i bit you?'. I jump back in shock and shout' n no?!' just as the school bell rang. I say in a hurry' got to go bye!'just as i was starting to run i hear her say' aw i wanted to taste human blood fresh.' I ran as fast as i could to the pricables office and inside the door closing it behind me.I sigh and look back up to see a long tail all across the floor seeing it wrapped around the desk and to my suprise it was a female naga. I about jump again in fear as the naga finaly notes me and says ' persy ukog was it?'. Page 3 I answer studering again' y yes?'. The nage grabs a few pappers and looks them over. Then says to me' well im mis nagano vagrant and it seems as if you didnt know this was a monster and human school did you?'. I shake my head no in reply. She then looks over the papers again saying ' well then persy there are a fee rules u must know befor i send you to your home room. First off no fighting in the school less in the areas with they apropret gear. Second no staring at the monsters same goes for them tords you. Third no teasing the monsters again same for them. And forth and most importantly you must whear this bracelet to go anywhere in the school it is for protection of you and mosters alike.' I look at the bracelet in her hand its a silver band with technology and what looks like to be magic symbols on the side. The pricable then placed it on my rist locking it on. Page 4 The band then spoke some weirnd langue and then some English' °₩|♤○■|◇°¡《 youser interface students name :persy ukog age: 16 race: human height: 6 feet not including hair condition: good begining sanction'. For a second i was shocked then it begins to project some kinda barrier on top of me as if like some tipe of skin tight for field. The principle then looks at the wrist band again then says' all right you should be set your home room is c4.'. I nod still shaking in fear and i hear from behind me' might wanna stop that shaking hunny or ull get picked on.'. I nod again and try to stop as i open the door seeing the vampire girl again and she runs right passed me in the door. I run to my home hearing the principal start talking to the girl ' ah miss morgan jackson how was the bus trip?'. I run to my home room class and i see a lot of monsters and a few humans walking in the door and i try to sneek behind the last monster walking in. Luckly I make it to an empty desk in the far back and sit down and try to stay unnoticed tell the teach a rives and not even after five mins a male neko walks in and says ' all right class Seattle down now we have two new students joining us to day i hope u treat them with respect persy ukog plz stand up and morgen jackson if you please.'. I stand up hesitantly looking for that vampire girl but i dont see her. Page5 he looks for then calls out ' Morgen jackson plz stand up.'. Again no one does. I answer him' um sir she with the pricable.'. He replys' is that so oh well then. All right then every one this is persy ukog hes new here and i exspect u to treat him with respector else.'. For split second u see a dark purple aura around him and six more tails and it looks as if he has grown a bit. Everyone says yes mr, conner sir in fear human and monsters alike. I just try not to piss my pants in pur fear. After that i sit back down and a few minutes later we get some school and i try to cram it all in so i can just stop concentrating on all the monsters around me. Next thing i know i hear' pst what you get for twenty-two?'. I try not to jump and look beside me and see a half blood werewolf and human looking at me.' Please man im failing this and your blowing through it.'. I look back at him and say' its c.'. He nods and wrights it down and pass him a note giving him they answers. After class i try to run to the launch room and i look at the menu and see lots of weird items chicken spleen, tomato soup,eye ball pecons, and bunch of other things then i see the human menu. I felt so dumb for not seeing it first and order some pizza. Next thing i know the half bread shows up behind me ' thanks man you really saved my tail on that test.'. I smile back saying' no problem man my name is persy and you are?'. He replys' jason ..... jason ren mind if i hang out with you i mean if you don't mind a half bread .'. I reply' as long you don't mind me being human.'. He nods and we find a table by are self next thing ik the force feild zaps some one as i look behind me and see that vampire girl behind me again as i see the smoke rising off her. Jason then says' morgen you know better then to try that you nut case.'. She jumps up ' yah but it was worth a shot for my first taste of blood.'. Page6 I look at her' would you at least say hi or some i mean geese you about scared the crap out of me.'. Jason looks at her ' leave the poor guy alone he is just human he isnt used to the world of monsters yet.'. I got curuse of how they knew each other' how do you to know each other?'. They look at each otherand both say at the same time ' we lived in the same naberhood.'. I look at them and ask ' really?'. He replys' yah me and her are kind like brother and sister we both grew up in all monster town no humans lived in the town cause it was so well hiden.'. Just then the school bell ring. Jason then says' well got to go man good luck in your next classes.'. I nod and say' same to you.'. As i watch him pull morgen away by her scarf. I try not to laugh as i run to my next class feeling a little more at ease. On my way there i see this weird guy standing next to the fountwn wearing a jackit with what looked like a human with its head cut off. I try to keep out of his line of sight and run to my gym class. Page7 THE FIRST QUARTER TEST. FIGHT OR DIE?! I walk in to my gym class seeing a arena like a hologram projecter set up ad if it could make any invirement i then look at all of humans and a crap ton of monsters of every type nagas, vampires, werewolfs, shape sifters, orks, goblins, oagers, elfs, gooles, and half breads. i then try to look for the gym teacher and i can't spot him at first. I then hear a deep voise behind me' persy ukog correct?'. I then turn around to see a reptealen human like person wearing a mask a gym teacher uniform be hind. He asks again this time a bit more stirn' are you or are you not persy ukog?'. I nod in response. He then then gives me a stern look and says' im am coach Michael and to day is 1 quarter assessments for magic, strength, and stamina, please get in line and wait tell your called for your opponent.'. I gulp and ask' o o opponent?!'. He replys' yes your opponent no get in line be for i report you to the princaple.'. I gulp again and get in line behind an dark green ork in a shirt with a decapitated human head on it and then i see the gym teacher get up on a stage infront of everyone. Page8 He then speaks up' all right students settle down i know all of you are excited about to days tanking tests but first let us go over the rules first no groin shots. Second no ear biting hair pulling or any other unruly attacks. thired no hitting your opponent after they have been knocked out. If you disobey any of theys rules you will be disqualified. Am i clear?'. Everyone says' yes coach michael!'. He then points to some bracket on the wall.' All right everyone will be fight some one at random every win you get the better your rank for this quater will be there will be one battle every week per person. All right with that let the firdt quarter ranking test begin!'. And with that you see names randomising on the wall all i could do is pray that i end up agenst another human as i try not to piss my self that this is my new reality. And with that i see my name come up in the third bracket. Right under it was some guy named Gregory. I think to my self ' well that doesnt sound like a monster name must be a human at least i hope he is.'. And with that all the names are placed in order i even see jason ren and morgan Jackson's name's up on the bord. Next thing i hear from the gym coach is' All right Rachel keen and jack joens plz step into the battle arena on opposite end!'. And with that a succubus with dark red skin and fang like teeth and with torn wings and a tail looking as sharp as a dagger and a very revealing out fit. Page 9 The guy a cross from here was a mintor with sharp horns and a hoop through his nose and a war hammer in his hands. Next thing ik i see a forest appear where the arena once was. Just as that happened both monsters had armor appeared on them and daggers appeared in the succubus hands along with a spiky armor. It was black with skulls all over it and it looked as if it could take a good hit be for it would even fase her. I then look at the mintor as a thin layered learther jackit like armor covers his chest and his war hammer turn even larger and gets some kinda spring mechanism in it to hit even harder. I gulp thinking im soooo dead when its my turn to fight. And with that a screen lowers in front of the arena showing everyone both ppl in the arena. Not even a second after getting a glimps of them on the screen the coatch then blows the whisle to start the fight. Page10 With that the succubus flys high up out of the trees getting an top view of the forest bellow as the mintor runs for cover looking trying to see the succubus. The succubus smirks with an evil grin and chants some sort of incantation trivering all kinds of magic symbols to apper all over the forest grounds causing the mintor to panic as he jumps into a tree hoping thathe doesnt get hit from what shes about to do and literally not even a second after he jumped up a symbol appears right where he was standing. He sighed with relief that he got out of the way as the succubus then shouts 'explode into oblivion!!'. As she shouts that all of the symbols on the ground explode at the same time distorting ever tree in sight. The mintor panicking jumps high into the air looking all around for the succubus and spots here instintly throwing his war hammer full force at her. The succubus sees it comming straight for her but with little time to react she stops flaping her wings and puts them infront of her with her aems behind them to block it. Page 11 The war harm then hits her dead center of her wings and the the spring loaded hammer the launches of her sending her flying backwards tords the ground that was now on fire as the war hammer goes flying back to the mintor as he catches it falling back down as well. The succubus the land on her back having a very rough landing all most passing out from the force that makes a small trench . She strugles to get up as the mintor rush straight for her after landing. He then raises his war hamer as the succubus smirks again throughing a dagger right at him with a magic mark hitting him right in the middle of his for head sending flying back. He then falls down passed out on the ground. The coatch then blows the whisle.' The winner of this round is rachle keen!'. I about pass out in fear for my battle. Page 12