Mixlr For Streaming Audio
We've had a few people in the past ask about us doing some type of streaming of our recordings from time to time. We got more requests for it after our live Goggle Hangout event for our 3 year anniversary. So we're considering offering a live stream from Mixlr. Mixlr will not only allow us to live stream (for up to an hour at a time on the free version), but it also has an integrated chat system so we can interact with listeners, and listeners can interact with each other. We're scheduled to record a main episode next Tuesday (May 19th), and we usually start recording around 6pm central time. While we can only stream an hour at a time with the free version; we do have the option of continually starting a new hour. And if this is something that people are truly interested in, we can look at adding it to the monthly features we use our Patreon funds for. So if this is something that interests you, even if you can't make it all the time please let us know! Also, you can follow us on Mixlr (http://mixlr.com/all-us-geeks/) and get notified when the live stream actually goes live. I would like to see us get 5-10 starting Followers on Mixlr, just to know that this is something that is of interest for us to pursue. So again, follow us on Mixlr if you want to be notified: http://mixlr.com/all-us-geeks/ And feel free to leave comments here on the idea as well! Thanks, Jeff