Mixolumia Early Access for $5+ Patrons

You may have seen me post a bit on Twitter about Mixolumia, my block-clearing puzzle game. Well, good news!

$5+ patrons now have the ability to link up their itch.io and Patreon accounts to get exclusive early access to Mixolumia! Head on over to this page to get set up.

I highly recommend using the Itch App to download and run the game, especially for Mac users because MacOS has serious trust issues and may refuse to run the game, even if you say it's ok. Also, the Itch App will keep Mixolumia updated as I work on it, which means you'll get the full game when it's finished.

This is my first time distributing a game through Patreon, so hopefully we won't hit too many bumps in the road. If you run into any problems, please let me know! And I want to hear your constructive feedback on the game as I work on it.

Thanks for your support!


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