mkroot is almost usable now
Aboriginal Linux hasn't had an update in over a year because that project has come to an end, and its replacement is as described here:

tl;dr the kernel broke my old lastgplv2 toolchain packages four times in two releases, and somebody else is providing usable cross and native toolchains based on current package versions now. When I moved to an external toolchain 2/3 of the old infrastructure had no reason to exist anymore, so I stated over with a simpler design.

I've done a lot of commits to mkroot this week, and it's about halfway to usable now. It can build kernels and qemu boot scripts for armv5l, aarrch64, mips, mipsel, powerpc-32, sh4, and x86-64. I still need to do kernel and qemu configs for armv7l, s390, i486, i686, microblaze, mips64, powerpc64, and sh2eb, but I've got compilers for all that. (If we want m68k/coldfire, sparc, alpha, and so on, we need to add support to musl-libc first. The new one doesn't use uClibc at all.)

I haven't added a module/compiler to install native compilers yet, but the script is building them in musl-cross-make. I also haven't done the second pass on my kernel configs and made sure they all have ethernet and block devices and battery backed up clock and everything. (They boot to a shell prompt in an initramfs, that's a start.)

This is also relevant to toybox because one of my _big_ todo items is getting a proper test environment set up where I can test things like mount/ps/modprobe. A known system where I can run stuff as root under an emulator and get consistent results without damaging my development environment. Aboriginal Linux being up on cinderblocks got in the way of that, now I'm building a toybox test harness on top of mkroot. (Elliott's flood of test suite patches may have had something to do with this. :)

My real question is should I try to rename the Aboriginal Linux list, or should I start a new list for mkroot and let interested parties subscribe? There's a ton of old documentation attached to the aboriginal linux webpage that applies to mkroot too, but if I'm rewriting it I wonder if it should go in some other format?

I tried to do a mkroot tutorial at ELC, and although it starts slowly (so much jetlag) it's not so bad once it gets going, you can watch it at if you're interested.