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ML#14 Buried
Howdy Folks!

"Buried" came from an idea I got, not sure where I got it, but I got it.  A halfling that collects evil things and buries them in his yard.  Even he doesn't understand why.  In my first version Gene was more extreme and odd, it took away from his collecting which is the driving force of his personality.  The other part I struggled with is how to present the information.  After four drafts I decided to present the entire location in a series of adventure hooks.  So each item has a situation that could develop or has developed. 

"Buried" is a location within the sandbox I'm working on.  It will include 12 to 15 location/adventures.  I'm hoping to have a rough sketch of the area done by next weekend. 

To my patrons, you guys and gals have been a great source of inspiration.  I love seeing the pictures of my laminated soldiers invading your homes.  And when I see play reports of people using them.  Thank you.

Until next time, get a game going and roll a 20 for me.  Cause I can't seem to roll one for myself. 

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