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ML#16 Island of the Lich Tree/White Zombie Island
In the tradition of horror movies for Halloween I bring you double creature feature. In this case, a double location creation.   You've got the mysterious and hidden Island of the Lich Tree.  A single tree with a lich's heart buried within its roots.  It has created a gigantic tree is the source of many magic items.  While I have only listed a few of the possible uses for the tree, oracles have whispered in my ear that the tree will be the site of world changing event.  When I pressed the oracles for more information that waved me off and mumbles about the great darkness.

On the b-side, White Zombie Island!  An island known for its ever walking residents. Cursed sailors?  Rumors of a cursed treasure?  Search the waters.  Find the truth. May the gods have mercy on the curious and foolish.  Those who have found the truth walk the island.  

Thanks patrons for all the support.  I do enjoy creating these things.  I want to welcome my new patrons, Jeremy Smith and Jason Abdin.  And a huge thanks for those patrons who departed, I apprecited your support and hope you keep coming back to join the fun.  

Have a great Halloween everyone.  I really do love this holiday best of all.