ML#6 Hunters Crossing
Hunter Crossing is my third and final entry into August 2015.  It is a micro-location.  A place to put between places or out of the way places.  I borrowed heavily (or stole, but let's not get too picky) from Spartacus for this one.  You could say this is the House of Batiatus after Spartacus revolted.  Then toss in some fantasy elements and you've got Hunters Crossing.

This entire offering was borrowed upon, borrow of things.  One of my favorite TV shows of all-time is Robin of Sherwood.  In that show it had these Wayland's Seven Swords of Power.  Well, if your players are lucky ( or not so lucky) they'll find one of these swords. 

In Hunters Crossing you'll find four new creatures, one new flower and four unique magic items.  I color coded them, blue for the monsters, green for the herbal stuff and yellow for the magic items. 

The PDF, GM and players map have been included.  This ended up in zine format so all my $5 patrons will find a copy of Hunters Crossing in their mail. 

The best part of all this, is half the proceeds is going to Jim Ward's GoFundMe.  I was hoping to complete three this month.  Once I get it all settled I'll let you know how much was donated.  Again, thanks to all my patrons, new and old, for allowing me to be able to do this.