MLB Quick Thoughts: Cubs Outfield
Every time I tune into a Cubs game, their outfield fails to make an easy play. The latest example was a critical "double" hit to right-center field. It was a lazy fly that, to my eye, would have been caught by 90 percent of center fielders. Maybe 85 percent. Point being, the ball should have been caught which would have made for a much closer contest. The Pirates won 8-5 but Ian Happ's non-play directly led to three runs.

Happ has actually been passably decent in center field. It's Kyle Schwarber who really hacks it up out there in left field. The only frustrating thing about Happ is that his bat is preventing the defensively superior Albert Almora (he would have caught it) from playing regularly.

At the end of the day, it's not just about defense or offense. Both matter. If the Cubs believe they'll score/prevent more runs with Happ and Schwarber than Almora and either slugger, then it's the right play. I only comment because the defensive woes have been so noticeable. 

Elsewhere, Bartolo Colon does all of the best things.