MLP charms!!
Finally finished these, and they will be available to my patrons as prizes next month :> Planning to make ~5 more designs available for Trotcon and Bronycon. (not pictured: Primarina, the pokemon)

tumblr images link:

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Everything helps!
$1 or more per month
Everything adds up *_*
$5 or more per month
-I'll doodle a character for you (digital).
Your doodle reward will be sent out after 4 rounds of payment, so all tiers are supporting me equally (~$20 for a doodle)!
Thanks for your understanding.

-early access to my work & sneak peeks of anything I may be working on!
-Access to PSD files of any new posters and personal work! Feel free to ask for anything you are interested in.

$10 or more per month
Golly, I'll love you forever!

-same as $5, plus:
-I'll draw you any character doodle. You will be eligible for a doodle every other month that you have supported me (with sketches being valued at about $20)!

$25 or more per month

-same as $5 and $10, plus:
-I'll give you a small drawing of an OC/character of your choice every month (with sketches being valued at $25, and being no more than 1 hour of work).

-if you would prefer, instead of a doodle I will create a complete telegram sticker for you that month.

-if you would prefer at any month instead of a doodle, I can mail you a bag of goodies--posters, buttons, charms, etc. just let me know if you want some physical treats!

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