MML Ep. 10 Depression and Suicide With Guest Jeremy Holm
The trials of this world seem unbearable at times. Sometimes, we feel lost in the icy grip of depression and anxiety, in some cases long-term and others situational. In the darkest moments, we grapple with feelings of immense pain, worthlessness and hopelessness. In the worst cases, we've lost members of our own LDS singles tribe to suicide.

Jeremy Holm has not only grappled with these issues himself, but has sought to help others with the same struggles. During Episode 10, we will discuss depression and suicide: how to deal with these dark feelings when they hit us, and how to help others facing these same or similar struggles. 

One thing is clear: we cannot lose anymore of our tribe! And we must find a way to tighten our connections and bonds to lift one another through all of our struggles and dark moments.
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