MML Ep. 9 Carve Out Your Future With Ashlee Peterson
Life didnt turn out exactly as you pictured it, did it?

How many ways in your life do you feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard place?

Life is a bigger struggle than I think any of us had imagined. No one is immune. Not the popular guy, the beautiful girl, the wealthy neighbor, or that girl at church who always seems so put together. We're all facing battles that bring us to our knees (hopefully in prayer toward God!) over and over again.

Is it possible all these trials are for our benefit? We know this is true. But really think about it. Is it possible that your original path wasn't the best route there was, it wasn't the route that God knew would be best for you. Sure this one that you have found through difficult step after difficult step is super windy, and it seems to have sudden drop offs out of nowhere.

But just imagine for a moment that the journey through it is a spectacular one, and one you will treasure through the eternities despite the difficult rocky terrain. Look around. Treasure it. 

Imagine for a moment that you are in EXACTLY THE RIGHT PLACE AT EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME. And God has your back. And your front. And all those other sides.

Imagine also that you are in so much more control of your destiny than you give yourself credit for. That God put you here in this place at this time because he knows that you are absolutely capable of making the choices to get you where you need to be. And that you are in fact already there.

No, not every step has to be perfectly placed, but every step will teach you the lesson that you need to learn to get to the next.

Enter Ashlee Peterson, who has recently published a book and has unique insight into our powerful natures and being the CREATORS, not the victims or followers, of our own lives, our own paths, our own vistas.

We hope you join us for this in-depth discussion, which will be live on Google Hangouts (link will be here beforehand) or on YouTube immediately afterwards.
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