Moana Reward
so my Patreon app is giving me some trouble lately. hopefully they'll fix it soon. and it seems like the website may be uploading my images sideways. i just don't know what's going on right now. i hope they fix these bugs soon. 

anyways, i wanted to practice using my new water brush thingy that i got recently from a friend. so i figured Moana is the best subject matter to give it a shot, and continue to try out watercolors. there's only one way to get better - lots of practice. finished it off with my black brush pen. 

this is for October's rewards. i was gone for almost 2 weeks last month so i didn't get a chance to send it out. but for November's rewards, since i'm sending it out in December, every Patreon supporter will get a special gift from me. cuz i love Christmas! and if u don't believe or celebrate Christmas, consider it a gift of gratitude. =)