The mobile action plan
If you've been unforutnate enough to either have visited the mobile site, or have had that be your first introdcution to the website you'll see it's a mess of scaling and well, simply put it's broken, Scotty.

In the nex two nightly updates, mobile should arrive. But this leads me to another thing. I have a plan I want to do for mobile, a plan that I'm not sure is a great idea or a pointless one.

When I build the native apps and release them to the market, I want to go the facebook route and clone the IM / PM and put them in their own app in the form of FuzzSpot Messenger. With this, I aim to create the dominating furry messaging platform on mobile devices. So if you only use the app to message other furs, you won't need 10MB of app you'll never use.

Any suggestions or feedback on this idea would be awesome,

Cheers, - R. Finch