Mobile App Reseller | Tips To Make Your App Profitable


The mobile application is experiencing tremendous growth these days, and the ever-increasing demand to produce these highly valuable pieces has created an abundance of mobile application development companies. With the growth in the number of companies, the number of the mobile app builder programs are also on the increase, but choosing the best is never for faint-hearted. Read more about Make your app profitable with mobile app reseller program.

The businesses that are trendy have to do with your cell phone and not just with telephony; are the games and different mobile applications, which today send the stop.

Contrary to web development where there is the most one accepted language ‘HTML’ and one platform that is the ‘World Wide Web’ that reaches most of the web users. Development of mobile application is a thoroughly different phenomenon in which there are seven different languages and four major platforms that reach the majority of the smartphone collectively with each operating system having an equal share. It means that not even a single platform reaches out to one fifth out of one hundred.

How To Be In That Wave With Mobile App Reseller?

The need to acquire a cell phone no longer only lies in the service offered by mobile operators, also in the operating system and the ease of accessing mobile applications.

With them, people nowadays spend their time entertaining themselves, go to games and social networks, look for first aid, communicate for 24 hours, like WhatsApp or Line, make online transactions and even get safe transportation through the city, as with Tappsi. 

With this generous range of services, the creators of Apps have discovered that these can be a good business to put the accelerator because in addition to connecting as a magnet with people, are easily accessible for them, thanks to the ease of use. 

There are two options for those who want to be mobile app reseller: free or onerous, that is, it is charged for its creation directly, which is that by downloading the application, you must cancel access to the App, paying through the internet through virtual transactions. 

The other modality, which is the most desired by users, consists of not paying a penny for its use. And since competition in this market is strong, they are likely to offer similar free services on the market.

How to make money with mobile apps?

How is it that Apps inventors can make money if they do not charge for them? If you are interested in venturing into this digital and technological market, here are some options that experts advise so that your free Application becomes a prosperous and enduring business.

1. The most used is to sell advertising space to other companies, which will usually be companies related to its application. For example, if your App is about restaurant recommendations, they will be the ones who are involved in having your business appear in the application, and will pay for it. 

2. Think about developing an application that is very well received; So there will be more companies interested in launching advertising on your App, and if you have many users, you can charge more for space. 

3. Another alternative to charging is to indicate that there are different types of users, that is to say at the beginning the person downloads the free App, but if he wants to have more information or additional services, he must become a "premium" user, and for this, he must pay. 

4. Another very common way to earn money is through the sale of virtual goods or additional services within the application. This works very well for games because to advance to higher levels; you must acquire for example instruments or special powers that have a price in real money. 

5. You can also start your business by offering the free download for a while, and then if charging for the subscription; Once users have been hooked, they will become co-dependent on the application, can not bear to be without it and will pay to use it. 

6. If your innovation and entrepreneurship are so good, you can get millions of users in the world, to the extent that, perhaps, a company can offer money for it. It was the case of Instagram that was sold for 1000 million dollars to Facebook. 

Does not have capital?

The Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (Min Tic) implements a program that supports it through the Plan Vive Digital so that it can develop "criollo" mobile applications. The entity has supported many revolutionary ideas, which you could perhaps address and make their own. Cheer up, do not stay watching as others win!

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