Mod/Plugin Suggestions
I want your suggestions for the next non-vanilla server. The server will be running at a minimum Minecraft 1.8.9. It will have the current stable versions of Forge and Sponge. The current vanilla map will be imported as one of the available worlds.

Mods are for Forge and can make nearly any change to the game. The drawback is that even small changes to Forge or Minecraft can completely break a mod. If the mod has been abandoned this can result in either abandoning the mod, which may result in world corruption, or staying on an old version of Forge or Minecraft, losing out on new features and bug fixes.

Sponge is a mod for Forge that is trying to mitigate some of the disadvantages of mods. Sponge supports plugins through the use of an API. The API version will rarely change, regardless of changes to Minecraft, Forge, or Sponge. This results in great longevity for plugins, with authors spending less time on version updates and more time on features or bug fixes. Currently Sponge doesn't support new blocks or entities, but this will change before they are out of beta.

tl;dr: I prefer plugins over mods, but both will work.

What I need from you is a list of mods and plugins you'd like to see on the next server. Links to specific ones you want are best, but saying "Something like Towny" or "Something that adds more biomes" is helpful as well.

The rules:

  • A very heavy preference for open source. If it is closed source there needs to be a very good track record of support for it to be considered.
  • Made for Forge and/or Sponge, with a preference for Sponge.
  • Made for Minecraft/Forge 1.8.9/1656+ or Sponge API 3+. These version numbers will change as Forge and Sponge are updated.
  • The developer should be currently active.

Note: If you are unsure of something meeting these rules suggest it and I'll check.

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