Mod: SimCity Loans 2.0 (Updated March 25th)


  • 2023 March 25th - Updated script to no longer contribute to the script limit and now works on all computers. Had to update a few times in-between, please make sure you grab this version.
  • 2021 August 5th - Added a fix interaction for those who are experiencing the bug where they can't pay back loans. If you are experiencing this please install this new version and go to the save that is affected, click on the pack and choose "Take Over Loan" (different from the one where household sims die), and ownership will be added to your sim. You should be able to pay the loans now.
  • 2021 July 25th - Updated for patch 1.77 changes.

Adopted from Scarlet.

Original Description (edited to merge in newest features info): Your sims (teen and up) can now apply for loans from SimCity Bank. When your sim needs a loan have them click on the computer and select SimCity Loans. From there you will select which loan amount you want.

Loan Amounts include:

  • §1,000
  • §5,000
  • §10,000
  • §25,000
  • §50,000
  • §100,000
  • §250,000
  • §500,000

Once you select the loan amount, your sim will receive a Loan Packet in their inventory (which is not delete-able). Your sim will then be responsible for repaying it! When repaying the loan, you have two options:

  • Repay in full with no interest.
  • Make 12, 24, or 36 payments which includes a 5% interest rate.

If your sim doesn’t make a payment (or pay in full) within 48 hours, he/she will receive a Loan Payment Due (fine mood) buff. Once you receive the Loan Payment Overdue buff, a 5% late fee (5% of your payment) will be deducted shortly after, and if your sim ignores this buff for 24 hours, this buff will turn into a Loan Payment Overdue! (stressful mood) buff. After the first late fee, they will be deducted about every 24 hours until your sim makes a payment. If your sim is at work, the late fees will be deducted shortly after they get home. If you don't have enough Simoleons for the late fee, it will deduct when you do. The only way to remove this is to make a payment (or pay in full).

If your Debtor sim dies, the loan packet will be sent to the household inventory (still not delete-able). After you place it on your lot, another household sim can use the Take Over Loan interaction. This will add the loan packet to that sim’s inventory and he/she will be responsible. Don’t worry, any payments that the deceased sim made won’t be lost!

If your Debtor sim dies and gets added back to the household either as a ghost or resurrected, they won’t have the loan packet anymore (obviously since it went to the household inventory). However, they can’t take out a loan. They’ll have to use the computer and click on SimCity Loans > Request Loan Forgiveness (which will cost §1,000), then after 3 days they can apply for a loan again if needed.

♦ Additional Information ♦

  • Sims can only have one active loan at a time. However, once your sim pays off the loan, you can click on the loan packet and select Destroy. Your sim can then take out another loan if desired.
  • The loan packet is not drag-able! This was done on purpose to keep it in your sims inventory for needed buffs and interaction availability. It’s also not delete-able, for obvious reasons….no skipping out on your debt!
  • If you move your household while the loan packet is on the lot (after placing it from the household inventory), it can be found in the household inventory once again. No running away from it until it’s paid!

NOTE – If you use Basemental Drugs and your Sim gets arrested, they will lose their loan packet as well.  If this happens, you’ll have to use the Request Loan Forgiveness option on the computer.

Requirements & Conflicts

Base game compatible and no known conflicts. It should work well with other loan type mods. Does not contribute to the script limit.

The following translations are included in the mod:

  • Chinese Translations - Miaow_CC
  • Czech Translations (by DannyLady)
  • Dutch Translations (by TessMoana)
  • Finnish Translations (by Iiruliini & Sabe191)
  • French Translations (by Candyman)
  • German Translations (by helene912)
  • Italian Translations (by Marpic)
  • Polish Translations (by IlkaVelle & Osqar)
  • Portuguese Translations (by ManyWhiTe)
  • Russian Translations (by AnnieHugss)
  • Spanish Translations (by Panko81 and Don)
  • Swedish Translations (by Eilienn)

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