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Welcome to Mod Tools and Resources. This is your home to find every tool and resource you'll need to create, play, find, and update your mods.

Team Radious Discord Server

Come join the Team Radious Discord Server anytime you want - Your home for giving feedback and requests, finding other players for PvP and Co-Op, and just having a good fucking time. Here are the details:

  • Text or chat with friends and team members for anything you want
  • Patron-Only Perks
    • Custom titles/roles like “Lore Master”, “Combat Specialist”, etc...
    • Better permissions
    • Community events and discussions
  • Public - open to anyone with a verified Discord account
  • Embed support for almost anything
    • Link to sites, videos, and pics
    • Upload or attach files
  • Total social media integration
    • Share on other platforms
    • Link accounts with Twitch and others
    • Take your conversations anywhere
  • Team Radious hosted events
    • Co-op, PvP, or whatever sounds good
    • Mod discussions
    • Community feedback events
    • The list goes on

Mod Tools

All the Total War Modding Tools you will need to begin or continue your epic modding journey, or just make a few personal edits.

  • Latest Pack File Manager (PFM)
    • View, edit, and save changes to mods
    • Primary tool for modders
    • Best tool for new modders to make small changes
    • Shows if table schemas are out-of-date
    • Does not work for creating “startpos.esf” mods
    • Advanced ESF viewer and editor
  • Latest Database Schemas 
    • Used by PFM
    • Primarily used by mod creators 
    • Updating schemas is critical to updating mods
    • Usually updated near patches or DLCs
  • Total War Assembly Kit
    • To install: In Steam, mouse over library, select tools from drop down menu, then find Total War Assembly Kit, right click to install 
    • Save it to favorites so it's always at top of tools list
    • Referred sometimes as TWeak, DAVE, or BOB
    • Primarily used to create startpos.esf mods
    • Excellent tool to search entire database
    • Excellent for looking at table dependencies
    • Tables are official release
  • Latest EditSF/Save Parser
    • Primarily used by advanced users
    • Easily edit saved games
    • Edit multiple values at same time
    • Takes time to set up
  • Latest Notepad++ - Or choice script editor
    • Not necessary to start modding
    • Primarily used by advanced users
    • Primarily used to add, change, and/or remove game events, restrictions, and/or values
    • Excellent for easily changing values for game events
    • Great tool to search, identify, and learn code-to-database relationships
    • Color coded and highly customizable for advanced users
  • Photo editor of your choice
    • Not necessary to start modding
    • Primarily used to view/edit game textures and variant meshes
    • Tons of free editors that will do the trick, find one on Google that fits your style

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