Model Positioning
Here's a preview of the feature for modifying the location, rotation and scale of a model. You can either set the positions directly with the input fields, or used the buttons to move the model around by increments.

I'm also adding the ability to copy and sync the position data of one model to another, for instance, when you have a paired animation and you want to make sure both models are in the exact same position.

That's where the offset tab comes into play. Offset allows you to adjust the models transform even if it's synched. So, you could sync the position of 3 models, give them all the same dance motion and then set the offset of the last two models to move them to the left and right. If you move the first model, the other 2 will move as well but keep the individual offsets.

Let me know what you think of the layout and the controls. I'm always open to suggestions.